Ride The Beaches of Amelia Island!

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There's No Place Like Amelia Island, Florida for horseback riding!

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Hi, I'm Debbie and for the last 25 years I've been very fortunate to be able to "fulfill" dreams for many wonderful people!

I have so many great memories of the day I had the opportunity to start my business.... I was asked by someone at a local hotel if I would be able to accommodate a mother and daughter for a ride on the beach.... because the daughter was young but experienced.... after thinking for awhile I decided to give it a try.... well...the ride was great! The mother and daughter super! During the ride the weather changed a bit (this in the middle of January)..and there was a sudden mist in the air... and there it was.... the Most Beautiful Rainbow... Right across the ocean! Well, if that wasn't my "calling"... and so it began.... and the memories have just been flowing in since. I'm celebrating my 25th year of meeting and riding with the most wonderful people from all over the world...

I actually live off of Amelia Island and trailer my horses to Peters Point Beach Front Park on S. Fletcher Ave., there we meet our riders and ride on the beach for one full hour!  Since we trailer the horses most days we can only accommodate 2-4 riders at a time. We can take out up to 6 riders with advanced notice.   During the fall and winter we are very flexible with our times,  but from May 1st till Nov 1st we are not permitted to be on the beach between 11am and 5pm....so rides are very limited...

Go to our OnLine Booking for times and availability. 

It is a very personalized ride geared to the riding capability of our riders. So you may get to experience trotting and cantering on the waters edge!! Bring a camera.... We would love to capture your moments.

We also love to cater to those who would like to propose to their girlfriends on horseback.... what a memory! As well as weddings!! Please see my photo page as well as my wedding videos  to view some of our special memories.... 

 Thanks and Look Forward To Riding Horses With You On Amelia Island..... 

Debbie Manser, Owner

and my wonderful guides

PS.... don't forget to write your own review after the ride on TripAdvisor.com or Yelp.com    THANKS!!


The cost of our rides is $100 ea for 1 hour.... We do offer Sunrise, Sunset Special Rides for $150 ea for 1 hour !!

We love taking children from 6yrs old to 99 yrs old! Children under 15 yrs old much be accompanied by a parent or guardian..

You can now get Gift Certificates online!

Please sign my guestbook if you enjoyed your ride..... others would love to hear your comments.... And thanks again for allowing me to fulfill that dream! Debbie
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