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Welcome to Amelia Island ..... and the only place that you can experience horseback riding on the beach the way you have always imagined! Right on the waters edge.... Close your eyes and dream of the breathtaking experience of a lifetime.... Allow Debbie and her wonderful horses to fulfill your dream!


There's no place like Amelia Island, Florida for horseback riding.....

Hi, I'm Debbie and for the last 16yrs years I've been very fortunate to be able to "fulfill" dreams for many wonderful people!

I have so many great memories of the day I had the opportunity to start my business.... I was asked by someone at a local hotel if I would be able to accommodate a mother and daughter for a ride on the beach.... because the daughter was young but experienced.... after thinking for awhile I decided to give it a try.... well...the ride was great! The mother and daughter super! During the ride the weather changed a bit (this in the middle of January)..and there was a sudden mist in the air... and there it was.... the Most Beautiful Rainbow... Right across the ocean! Well, if that wasn't my "calling"... and so it began.... and the memories have just been flowing in since. I'm celebrating my 16th year of meeting and riding with the most wonderful people from all over the world...

I actually live off of Amelia Island and trailer my horses to Peters Point Beach Front Park on S. Fletcher Ave., there I meet my riders and ride on the beach. Since I trailer my horses I can only accommodate 2-3 riders at a time.  Contact me for times and availability.    During the fall and winter I am very flexible... the best time is at low tide! 

It is a very personalized ride geared to the riding capability of my riders. So you may get to experience trotting and cantering on the waters edge! Bring a camera.... I would love to capture your moments.

I also love to cater to those who would like to propose to their girlfriends on horseback.... what a memory! As well as weddings!! Please see my photo page as well as my wedding videos  to view some of our special memories.... Thanks, Debbie 

**The cost of my rides are $80  per person for an hour......(cash or check only) and all proceeds from my rides go to Cheers Horse Ranch, LLC and we then donate that to Hope Chest Foundation, Inc. a Non-Profit (pending) Organization that is "dedicated to rescuing horses".

(please note that there are other websites that feature Amelia Horseback Riding and the price is posted as $60, they have not adjusted my fees in the last 10 yrs... so I can not honor their price.... they will not update it for me)....

Thanks and Look Forward To Riding Horses With You On Amelia Island..... 

Debbie Manser




Horseback Riding Non-Refundable Deposit of $80 to hold your date and time

You can now get Gift Certificates thru PayPal!!!  Click the button...... and I will send you a Gift Certificate to your email address!!  Thanks!


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Amelia Island is located 45 miles northeast of Jacksonville, Florida. If looking at a map of Florida it is in the northeastern most part of the state (on the ocean), just over the Georgia border. If coming from Georgia it is the first and second exit on Interstate 95.... head east till you are on the island. Coming from the south you would take Interstate 95 and get off exit 373 and head to the island.... for finding me on the beach please call for further directions... Thanks, Debbie

Please visit http://www.cheerhorseranch.com as well..... I do horse rescues in Florida as well as surrounding areas.... We need sponsors to help these poor horses......  God Bless anyone who can help us in these troubling times..... Thank you~~


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Please sign my guestbook if you enjoyed your ride..... others would love to hear your comments.... And thanks again for allowing me to fulfill that dream! Debbie
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